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Lashes or lies: Extensions are here to stay

Lashes or lies: Extensions are here to stay

One of the most popular beauty fads to hit the local scene over the past few years has been eyelash extensions. As opposed to painstakingly applying fake eyelashes which only last one evening, extensions can last up to 6-8 weeks depending on your natural hair growth cycle.

The procedure is fairly simple: individual lashes are glued onto the existing natural lashes one by one to give them a thicker, fuller look. The number of extensions will depend on the your natural lashes and their quantity. So, a simple, pain free procedure and you don’t need an eye lash curler or mascara for the next few weeks! Plus your eyes will always look super glam, even when you wake up! Sounds amazing!


Before you go ahead and book your appointment for an eye lash extension, keep in mind that the extensions will need to be touched-up every 6-8 weeks, which means you need to factor in these visits to the salon and the accompanying cost. Secondly, they require a certain level of care, such as no touching/ pulling the lashes, care about which products to use, contact with water etc so definitely  not  recommended for the ladies who like to keep things low maintenance.  Also, in some cases, people can have an allergic reaction to the glue used in sticking the extensions.


Before getting extensions, it is best to do your research,  talk to people with firsthand experience and make sure you go to a professional with the relevant experience and quality products. The procedure on average can cost from PKR10,000 to PKR15,000 but bear in mind that this will have to be followed up regularly so there is a reasonable cost to actually maintaining the extensions, and once you get used to the look, you wouldn’t want to do without it.


All in all, in my view, for actresses, models and women in the beauty business, extensions are a fabulous way to get amazing eyelashes instead of putting on fake ones before every appearance. For the rest of us, they may not be a necessity but long luscious lashes sure do look good! As more and more women have become increasingly conscious of their appearance and everything is photographed,  there is certainly a  huge market for eye lash extensions, and even though they may require some serious maintenance, this trend is here to stay!

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