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Newlook Beauty Clinic, Spa & Institute

It was a lifelong dream that was to life in 1990 when CEO Mrs. Muswar Afzal, stepped off a plane from Toronto to Lahore to begin her journey in the beauty industry of Pakistan. With her international diplomas, hours spent working in professional Canadian salons and her daughter by her side, she took a spontaneous plunge into her business career.

“That is how I’ve always done business. I seize the moment.” Mrs. Afzal says. “When I am presented with an opportunity, I will take that chance and see where it takes me. Have faith and you’ll be surprised at what it may teach you or help you accomplish.”

Her ‘carpe diem’ approach with the beauty salon has led her to establish a business legacy. Jumping from four locations within Lahore, each one more progressive than the last, she finally settled with the Lahore flagship salon on M.M. Alam Road. With just two salon locations and internationally affiliated beauty institute, she has established her brand name across the world with sterling reputation. “My daughters embody my entrepreneurial instincts. Arsh and Kirin are determined to upload the principals on which my business gained success.”

Having instilled enthusiasm for hard work in her children, she confident Newlook will grow as a name synonymous with quality and customer care. Keen on enhancing their business heritage, Mrs. Afzal says, “There is much to achieve and when we see the opportunity for effective progress, there is no doubt that with Gods blessings, we will take it.

106 B M M Alam Road Lahore Pakistan