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Men’s Fashion Advice

Men’s Fashion Advice

Man always have limited choice in colour, material and design in Fashion. They go for a plain dress with dull colours with a darker or even lighter shade of the same colour.


Tie, Belt and watches are their accessories most of the time. Some follow the same dress code for years with thinking to change. In this article, we are presenting some advice for those who do not afford a branded dress. Little attention brings visible change. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Get New Hair Cut

Man don’t pay regular visit to barber frequently with fear of length if they pay visit he will short the length and other are lazy reporting lack of time. The end result is a messy look that affecting the overall look. But if you want to look decent yet stylish pay a regular visit to your gents’ salon in your area. Just time you are hairs if you are thinking about long hair.

Well fitted Dress

some man doesn’t hesitate to wear a dress that doesn’t fit well. Without giving a single thought they buy tight or loose shirt having no insight of purging belly or open buttons in a dress shirt. Stop wearing shirts that are too loose or too tight to avoid bad impression. For pants follow the same instruction. Dressing depicts your personality and mark impression on people at first glance., so chose well. It’s time to go for shopping and change your wardrobe.


jeans are all-time outfits and popular among all ages, but still, some are uncertain because of the fading colour as it ruins if colour fade. If you come across that situation that wears that jeans in a casual setting you can add some patch and rip it with a pattern. If you buy new to take it off as soon as you return home so it stays safe.

Limit Colour choice

Do not buy colour full and bright shirts or trousers, try to limit your choice. If you like to wear such shirts, then keep them for casual wear and whenever you. Avoid wearing funky colours is an office setting.


nice shoes add extra charm in your personality. The quality of shoes matters a lot, avoid buying shoes with low quality. The colour and comfort level also matters. Buy a nice pair of shoes, brown and black as it goes well with all colours. Shoes are a one-time investment so avoid buying matching shoes but if you like colourful shoes then avoid wearing informal gatherings.

Get experimental

White, black and grey are considered as save colours and fall in the category of classy but if you are planning to enjoy summer with lively bright colours like yellow, orange, skin and brown then chose black and blue jeans while considering your skin tone.

Try traditional

Our traditional outfits have classical as well as decent touch like wearing plain Kurta or Kamees and salwar  with the colourful or floral waste coat. You can wear it informal and casual gathering with little alternation and colour difference accordingly.

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